Pengat Pisang

A condiment for all occasions, ‘pengat pisang’ is uniquely Malaysian. There are multiple varieties to be had especially during the fasting season. It is nourishing to the stomach and loaded with good stuff. We decided to introduce this dish because it combines two of our favourite ingredients, coconut milk and rich palm sugar (gula Melaka). The favour and aroma that permeated our kitchen was indescribable. The rich coconut and palm sugar blend very well to add ‘zing’ to the dish.

We created a very practical video of which shows you how to make this dish real quick. We hope you enjoy it. Do let us know what you thought of it. We made it specifically to be shared with the patrons who come to the Evening Organic Market at Straits Quay on 17th April 2016.

Below you will find the instructions for cooking and the ingredients which have more details in terms of measurement.


  • Coconut milk: 200 g
  • Water: 50 – 100 ml
  • Bananas: 3 pieces
  • Pandan leaves
  • Gula Melaka (depends your preference)
  • Topping: Chia seed, sesame, etc

1)Pour in coconut milk into the pot (dilute with water if necessary)
2)Add in sliced bananas
3)Cook until the bananas and milk come to a boil
4)Add in gula Melaka and pandan leaves
5)Keep stirring until gula Melaka dissolves
6)Once the consistency of the milk thickens, turn off the heat and let it set
7)Serve the dessert with chia seeds and sesame seeds as topping

Happy folks

We made a special appearance at the Evening Organic Market where we demonstrated the super delicious ‘pengat pisang’. The crowd was so kind and we had some enthusiastic young children who were also keen to try the dish.This was all very exciting for the Platers.

Mike and Carmen of Real Food Grocers, Straits Quay have been pioneering this evening market to support local food producers  in Penang for the last two years. The market is held every 3rd Sunday of a month. There is already a regular crowd attending the market religiously. They really imbibe the maxim grow local, feed local. Join us for the next session on 15th May 2016 at Straits Quay with a brand new recipe.


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