My volunteering experience with nature classroom and wonder wilderfarm

This is our co-founder, Pei’s volunteering experience at Wonder Wilderfarm on 29th May 2016. The farm is a 1.5 acres organic farm and managed by 2 women farmers, Mei Shy and Alicia.

Last Sunday (29 May), I woke up very early because I had promise Mei Shy to help her in farm tour programme which was organized by Nature Classroom and Wonder Wilderfarm.

When I arrived at the farm, I saw Mei Shy, Alicia, 2 volunteers (Robert and Lora from Oregon, USA) and some early arrived participants. I started to register them. While we were waiting for other participants, Mei Shy took out some plastic containers for kids to catch tadpoles in the water. The children and parents were having fun of catching tadpoles. They observed small and slightly bigger size tadpoles. Mei Shy showed the children a tadpole which has developed its back legs. After that, Mei Shy also showed the children a caterpillar which was eating vegetables. Mei Shy explained to children both tiny creatures will turn to farmers’good friend: frog and beautiful butterfly, both helping farmers to manage the farm by eating pest and helping in pollination.


During the farm tour, Mei Shy introduced and explained numerous crops planted in the farm, include peanut, bitter gourd, mulberry, moringa, roselle, lemongrass, wild cucumber, etc. Her explanation about the plants include its’usage, benefits, pests and types.

After the farm tour, we visited lotus pond. Lotus farmer, William gave a brief explanation about lotus to the participants, include how he harvests lotus and how many days for the lotus to grow, etc. William explained to the participants that his lotus usually supplied to temples for praying.

Next, we walked back to the farm. We rested a while and Alicia taught the children and parents to bake biscuit with bluepea flower powder and moringa powder. Children and parents were excited to try making biscuit with different flavour or mixed with both flavour. The children were also creative to come out some special shape of biscuit, such as biscuit with human faces, mickey mouse and Doraemon shape.

We finished the 4 hours farm tour programme with a group photo before everyone went home and I have really enjoyed myself as a volunteer for Nature Classroom and Wonder Wilderfarm. 🙂


group photo

For those would like to volunteer with them, may contact at:
Wonder Wilderfarm 野逸园 or The event board of Nature Classroom
Their latest volunteering opportunity is building a bamboo classroom at the farm.





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