Cooking Seasonal Produce with Children

March and begining of April, the seasonal produce are winter melon and pumpkin.

Seasonal produce means the period with the weather and soil condition are perfect for certain types of crops to have more yield with less input. Even though Malaysia is not a seasonal country but local organic farmers said they usually get better yield of harvest for pumpkin and winter melon during March and begining of April.

Children cooking class is part of activities for Man Man Market. For last April Man Man Market we conducted pumpkin soup cooking class for children from 5-10 years old, parents were also joined during the cooking session to create unique and memorable moments of cooking with children.

We have 9 students in total for that day. 2 kids for the first session and 7 kids for the next session.

photo 2 (11)We start the activity with storytelling. The storybook is recommended and shared by one of the parents (Thank you so much to her!) The story is about A rats family planting pumpkin and in the end they get a good harvest and cook pumpkin in various dishes such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, etc. The rats family saved the seeds for next planting season too! From telling the story, students get to visualize and understand how pumpkin comes from and they get to appreciate the food more.


Students learn basic skill of knife handling then practiced it by cutting off pumpkin skin. After that, they cut pumpkin into small pieces or cubes.

The organic pumpkin we used is grown by Penang organic farmers, Mrs Ho and Mr Lui, the smiling couple are owners of Comfort organic farm. We purchased directly from him.

mr lui

For first session, because the sunlight is very warm so students get to enjoyed a short walk to Wonder Wilderfarm  and harvest fresh herbs to use as a garnish for pumpkin soup.

For second session, we added 30g almond powder to pumpkin soup. Apparently, children do not like the smell and taste of almond powder. So, here we learnt the lesson to me and parents as well that kid doesn’t like almond, especially almond powder or the amount added shoud be less.

We ended the cooking class that everyone attended get to enjoyed pumpkin soup which cooked by young chefs!


**Putting stickers on children faces because some parents mentioned not to posting children’s front faces on social and online media in order for protecting children’s security and privacy.


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