It’s Earth Day. We plant a tree.

What is Earth Day about?
Each year, April 22th is Earth Day which marks the birth of environmental movement started in 1970’s.

On this day, we are celebrating with eating organic vegetarian farm lunch at Penang’s organic farm -Wonder Wilderfarm and plant Frangipani tree there too.

We plant Frangipani! 

Mei Shy starts with hole digging

We transplanted Frangipani tree to the land of Wonder Wilderfarm! Which also marks a soft launch of farm lunch would be organized once weekly at Wonder Wilderfarm. Frangipani trees have been widely spread around South East Asia and caused people thought it is originally from South East Asia (SEA) but in fact Frangipani is originally native from South America, 500 years ago that Spanish and Portuguese brought the trees to SEA. Frangipani is also national flower in Lao PDR. In total, we have about 300 types of colour of its flower petals. The most typical one is white colour petals.

Frangipani usually plants at cemetery so there is a mythos among local Chinese community that the flower fragrance would attract evil spirit. Even so, we can’t denied that the flower petals is really smell fragrance like a perfume and beautiful as decoration for food presentation.

Our tapioca snack with Frangipani petals as decoration

In Thai, the local have deep-fried Frangipani petals as one of the local well known platter dish.

Photo from Internet

Frangipani is good to plant at frontyard to welcome visitor as well as a good shield from sun, especially during summer or hot season. The trees is also easy to maintain as it grows 20cm per year, need less time for tree triming. Planting the tree absolutely well fit the reason for our farm lunch event: welcoming farm2plate eating visitors, as a good shield from hot sun and decoration for food!

Go Green by Eating Organic & Green
Going vegetarian reduce the impact of climate change, pollution, saving water and other precious and limited resources. Raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gas emissions (unless this is carry out in a sustainable way). We are go green by eating organic, green, clean and healthy! As we know, organic farming with zero chemical inputs to the land which in turns will able to give zero burden to the nature.


For our farm2plate eating lunch, please booking at 017-7251758.

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