We are part of Supporting Slow Food Network!

Last year, Farm2platemalaysia’s co-founder Pei Chin visited annual Slow Food event in Torino, Italy for a week. She is quite agreed to the philosophy of International Slow Food Movement. After returning to Malaysia and met Nazlina Hussin, the slow food local convivium leader. She together with Wonder Wilderfarm’s small scale farmers: Alicia and Mei Shy became the members of Slow Food Movement.

Farm2platemalaysia is also official partnering with many food activities together with Wonder Wilderfarm which included weekly farm2plate eating experience and cooking class at local organic farmers market and at the farm! Same as International Slow Food Movement, we will ensure that the activities carry out the initiatives to protect food biodiversity, encourage direct and fruitful relationships between producers and consumers, raise environmental awareness. Together with the many other members all around the world and the local community, we hope to ensure everyone has access to local good, clean and fair food!

Pei Chin took a photo together with Carlo Petrini, the founder and current president of Slow Food International

About Slow Food Movement:
In 1980’s when the first fast food restaurant, McDonald opened in Rome, Italy. Carlo Petrini together with friends started this slow food movement to counter that first fast food restaurant in Italy which they believed it will destroy the local Italian cuisine. Read for more about Slow Food International: http://www.slowfood.com/



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