19th May 2017 – Brazilian Cuisine for Farm Lunch Project

Penangites are so lucky! Coming Friday (19th May 2017, from 12pm-2pm)
Our friend Raysa from Brazil will prepare the authentic Brazilian cuisine at urban organic farm in Relau, Penang – Wonder Wilderfarm. Raysa’s mom is a good cook, her mom’s pudding awarded The Best Pudding in Brazil Award. Raysa learnt the recipe from her mom and now she would like to share it to Penangites!

Some of the dish prepare are made with cassava. I have never been to Brazil and wondering how come they eat cassava. Doing some online research and realized that, in fact Brazil is also called the breadbasket of the world. The country produce huge quantity of corn, soy beans and cassava.

Let’s allow your tastebuds to enjoy the first ever authentic Brazilian meal this Friday in Penang.
Our menu for this Friday are:
Appetizer: Vinaigrette salad
Main course: Brazilian vegetarian shepherd’s pie called Escondidinho
Dessert: Pudim de tapioca
Drink: Organic herbal drink.

Energy excha️nge:
RM 30/pax (6 y/o and below kid eat for free)
Venue: Wonder Wilderfarm, Relau, Penang.
📞 017 725 1758 for booking.

More about Brazil:
Agriculture in Brazil

Beyond the Olympics: Brazil through David Alan Harvey’s eyes – in pictures


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