Recipe: Curry Puff

Last month, I was invited to conduct children cooking class for Little Penang Street Market. I proposed to them to teach children the truly Malaysian pastry (Bahasa: kuih) which is curry puff (local Bahasa named: karipap).

Karipap usually made from potato cut into cubes then cook with sliced onion, sea salt and curry powder for flavouring. You may also substitute potato with pumpkin or sweet potato.

Here are the recipe:
For 4-5 serving:
320g dized potatoes
1 minced onion
curry leaf
2 garlic cloves
curry powder
220g plain flour
120g oil
a pinch of sea salt

1. Mix plain flour, sea salt and hot oil together.
2. Let it cool down a bit and add in a bit of cold water.
3. Knead the dough until the surface is smooth.
4. Fried onion, gralic, curry leaf and potato together.
5. Add in abit of water and curry powder.
6. Cook until the potato is soft.
7. Divided the dough into 30g each. Then, roll the dough with rolling pin.
8. Start to fold the dough with potato: fold in then pinch (repeat)
9. Fried karipap in hot oil until it turns golden brown.
10. Enjoy!


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