New Vegetarian Lunch Option in Penang!

Starting in April 2017, together with Wonder Wilderfarm we initiated the farm lunch project to serve the community one of the best options for vegetarian lunch.

Special of our Wonder Wilder Farm2plate Lunch offering:
1. Fresh picked harvest within 4 hours.
2. Most local food ingredients used are seasonal & organically grown from the farm.
3. Food free of MSG, artificial colourings, or other chemicals.
4. Chit-chatting with food producers, chef and get to know about what you eat and make new friends. (Isn’t is exciting that you have no idea who is going to eat with you together?)

1. 新鲜收割的蔬菜,让你吃了能量满满!
2. 我们主要使用当季和有机耕作的蔬菜。
3. 食物无味精、无使用色素或其他化学成分。
4. 结识食物生产者、厨师与新朋友,让您平日的午餐增添惊喜与趣味。

On 27th May, we made all these: 
(Pictures from participant)

Rice salad with homemade mayonise dressing
Chocolate Banana Pie


Papaya and Cucumber Salad – A must for hot season!

Interested to join?

Please whatsapp to Pei Chin at 017 725 1758 for booking.
Energy Exchange:
RM 30/pax (Children below 7 years old eat for free)

Seats are limited, please register fast to secure your seat.
Registration confirmed upon payment.

有兴趣者可向 佩君 017 725 1758 报名。
能量交换:RM 30/每人



FB Event Page: Let’s Have Lunch @Wonder Wilderfarm!


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