Photo Essay: Parents and Kids Ondeh-ondeh Cooking Class with Traditional Tools

Most Malaysian love ondeh-ondeh. It is a glutinous rice ball colouring with natural green colour extracted from a plant named screwpine (locally called pandan) juice. Inside is wrapped with gula Melaka (a local produced coconut sugar), the outside coated with grated coconut. The kuih (local pastry) has fragrance of coconut and pandan juice. Therefore, ondeh-ondeh is very popular among locals as well to foreigners.
onde onde

Making ondeh-ondeh with hand is a lots of work and time consuming. As such, most of the people will just buy it at outside because it is quite affordable. But one thing after you have do it yourself, you must be wondering why the ondeh-ondeh leave at outside contact with air soon the skin will turn hard but when we buy from food vendors ondeh-ondeh still very soft. It might have some “secret recipe” in it.

Anyway, so that day, we have conducted parents and kid ondeh-ondeh cooking class with trditional tools such as, mortar and pestle (locally called batu lesung)  to extract out the pandan juice, participants experienced to milled out the glutinous rice flour with mill stone, to grate flesh coconut with sit on wooden coconut shredder.


Before we start the hands on activity, Mei Shy led a farm tour with participants they get to harvest food ingredients they would like to use it for cooking later. The cooking done with their own imagination and creativity as well.

The whole process of cooking with traditional tools was quite tiring yet fun. All families members were doing a co-operative work together to get the cooking job done. In the end all of them “survive” till mission completed! They sampled their effort whole-heartedly because is all done with their own hand from scratch.


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*** The sketching drawn by Luisa Hung. Very appreciate her craftmanship.


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