Photo Essay: Another Vegetarian Lunch Option in Penang!

How was eating at the urban organic farm feel like? You may sense our rustic environment through photos below.

photo 3 (8)
Don’t freak out. Sometimes, you will meet unexpected guest!

I think for those had met monitor lizard, named Silent You’re the lucky one!

photo 4 (5)
Microgreen Salad

We germinating organic mung beans and fenugreek after about 2 days then it is ready to be served. Naturally fenugreek taste bitter so we made a sauce to cover the bitterness so that most people could accept it.

photo 1 (17)
Flowers grown organically from the farm. Looks gorgeous! 
photo 2 (13)
Organic herbal drink. Purple, red and green! 
photo (21)
Vegetarian Burger

The burger patty is made from farm grown cassava. No processed tapioca flour added at all! The bread is made with our sourdough starter, no instant yeast added! The vegan mayonnaise sauce is made with our farm grown’s coconut. That Mei Shy, the main cook (also the farmer) that day, she grated the coconut flesh out with sit-on wooden coconut shredder then she pressed out the milk with her both hand. She uses the milk to cook vegan mayonnaise sauce! Taste heavenly!

photo 1 (18)
Nyonya kuih: Pulut Tai Tai serve with slow cooked kaya

The purple colour is extracted from Blue Pea Flower (bunga telang) which serve together with our slow cooked kaya. One thing special is about the coconut bowl, we made it ourselves. Thanks so much to Nicole and Pei Chin, both of them dedicated the time to rush out 15 coconut shell bowls just want to serve pulut tai tai in an unique way. Both women really determine to do so.

In the end, the team were satisfied from preparing to serving food to our farm lunch supporters and we can also felt the lunch participants had the substancial feeling after lunch.

Thank you! See you this coming Saturday!
FB: Let’s Have Lunch @Wonder Wilderfarm
For those interested, our Saturday menu as below:

This week farm lunch is on 10th June. Back to Saturday again!!

Our seasonal menu:
1. Wonder Wilderfarm styled salad
2. Quiche
3. Wonder Wilderfarm styled ice dessert
4. Organic herbal drink to refresh and calming your mind.

Special of our Wonder Wilder Farm2plate Lunch offering:
1. Fresh picked harvest within 4 hours.
2. Most local food ingredients used are seasonal & organically grown from the farm.
3. Food free of MSG, artificial colourings, or other chemicals.
4. Chit-chatting with food producers, chef and get to know about what you eat and make new friends. (Isn’t is exciting that you have no idea who is going to eat with you together?)

Please whatsapp to Pei Chin at 017 725 1758 for booking.
Energy Exchange:
RM 30/pax
RM 20 for children between 4-10 years old
(Children between 1-3 years old eat for free)

Seats are limited, please register fast to secure your seat.
Registration confirmed upon payment.


photo 2 (14)


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