Earth Oven Sourdough Pizza, Bread & Tapioca Snack Baking Class

9th June, we have organized earth oven baking class at Wonder Wilderfarm from 9am – 5pm.

We start the programme with intereactive warm up game, the farm was densed with merry sound from adults and children happily played together. After that, Alicia, the organic farmer of Wonder Wilderfarm leading the farm tour. Alicia mainly focus on food ingredients potentially to be used in earth oven sourdough pizza and bread, which included bringing them to our herb garden with various types of herbs are could be used in earth oven baking later: Thai basil, holy basil, mint, fragrance marigold etc. Kids and adults were encouraged to release and use their imagination in cooking to the max.

Adults and kids were happily listening to Alicia’s herbs explanation in our herb garden.

Other than listening, kids and adults harvested fresh produce they would like to use in earth oven pizza baking.


Wow!! A basket of Brinjal!! 
A mother happily smelling unique aroma from a herb.  I guess the aroma brought joyous past memory to her mind?

After farm visit, Mei Shy prepared pulut tai tai and a simple morning tea for us. Pulut tai tai is a local Nyonya kuih, glutinous rice immersed naturally with purple hue from Blue Pea flower.

Next, we start making sourdough bread and pizza under guidance of Alicia.

First, Alicia introduced how we can get the flour in traditional way. Children learnt and experienced milling wheat with stone. That is how wheat flour came from. After that, leaved the mixture for half or a day. After the water all drained out through tiny air holes of cheese cloth, the stone milled flour would be ready to be used.

Next, they start kneading sourdough and chopping fresh ingredients for baking pizza with earth oven.

Kids’ bread. Ready to go for baking.
Sourdough Pizza ready for baking!

Then, we start fire!!!


Earth oven pizza baking was completed!

Kid’s breads were ready too! 
Look at the baby kept looking at his brother’s bread. 

Lunch, they sampled their effort in the greenery nature environment.

A mother was passing a bowl of food to her child.

After lunch, We had a substancial feeling of food we ate. Feel sleepy.
Perfect time for relaxation. Pei Chin told a kid story to the participants. They all laughed non-stop.

After that, we start to make cassava snack. Chopping, peeling off the outer skin, grating then mixing it together with coconut milk, flour, organic brown sugar, a pinch of sea salt, free-ranged eggs. Put it in hot oil for deep-fried. Cha cha cha~~ The snack happily dancing in hot oil.

Then our afternoon tea break was ready. Serving with mung bean soup. Yummy! Yummy!!!

The whole day programme officially finished at 5pm. We took a group photo all together. We shall see one day again, soon!


Our next children cooking workshop:
24th June, 9am-1pm:
Ondeh-ondeh Cooking Class – with Traditional Tools

For more picture of the event:

Alicia, Mei Shy and Pei Chin leading the workshop during last weekend. Games, farm tour, hands on cooking experience,…

Posted by Farm2platemalaysia on Monday, June 12, 2017


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