Private Occasion @Wonder Wilderfarm

It has been 3 months that we organized farm2plate eating experience at Wonder Wilderfarm. The farm lunch event organized once weekly either Friday or Saturday. (Please follow our Facebook to get the latest date updates)

Besides than weekly farm lunch event, we also accept farm lunch booking for private occasion, with minimum 8 pax. The menu would be vegetarian and organic which around 70% of food ingredients are fresh harvest from our own urban organic farm, Wonder Wilderfarm located in the heart of Penang city, Pusat AgroPelancongan Relau. We harvest the ingredients 4 hours before cooking to ensure co-producers able to taste the high vitality of food serving on plate.

We are honest with co-producers the food ingredients that we use in cooking. During the farm dining experience, co-producers would get to know what are the ingredients our kitchen use to serving on plate. They also get to know more about the food such as cooking, preparation, storage methods and its beneficial value to their body, etc. Most importantly, they would get to see the real shape and look of the fresh produce growing at the farm!

The menu usually are:
1. Appetizer (Usually would be raw salad)
2. Main course
3. Dessert
4. Organic herbal drink

Below are previous farm lunch photos held for special/private occasion.

Wonder Wilderfarm Styled Salad
Real Food and Honest Ingredients | 良心制作 
At Wonder Wilderfarm, you can experience unique and distinct farm2plate eating experience. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Penang city. 
We don’t have a fixed menu, which always depends on our fresh harvest. Organic, Local, Healthy, Real Food are those principle that we uphold. That day, we served Quiche with Brazilian spinach and vegan coconut cheese, topped with self-germinated organic mung bean sprouts. 

How about the price?
RM 30/pax
RM 20 for children between 4-10 years old
(Children between 1-3 years old eat for free)

Please whatsapp/call to Pei Chin 017 725 1758


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