Non-baked Vegan Cheese Cake

photo 1 (21)
Photo credit: Katherine

We served vegan cheese cake during last farm lunch (16th June 2017) at Wonder Wilderfarm.

Many asked for the recipe, I decided to share the recipe to you all. The recipe was inspired by MinimalistBaker.

200g of dates
120g of fresh walnut

180g of mild roasted cashew nut
80g of Wonder Wilderfarm virgin coconut oil
120g of maple syrup**
50ml of lemon juice
150ml of coconut milk
A pinch of sea salt
** Maple syrup can be replaced with honey

At the farm, we have fresh lemon mint and fragrance marigold. So we add in the two herbs in the paste.

1. Add dates to food processor and blend until it forms into a ball. Remove it and set it aside.
2. Next add walnut into food processor and blend. Add dates and blend it all togother.
3. Remove it out from food processor then scoop one tablespoon amount of the mixture then press with fingers to mould.
4. Put the mould with dates and walnut mixture into freezer.
5. Next, add all filling ingredients to food processor and mix all till smooth texture.
6. Divide the filling paste evenly among the mould.
7. Tap a few times to release any air bubbles, then cover with plastic wrap/film and freeze it until hard.
8. Enjoy your effort!

If you’re lazy to make, we accept order with minimum 10 pcs (RM 14/pcs)
Or join our farm lunch 😀
For more information please contact Pei Chin 017 725 1758

photo 2 (18)
Photo credit: Katherine

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