Yoga @ Wonder Wilderfarm!

It was 11th July. The first time that we hosted a group of Yoga students with their Yoga teacher, Ying Ying, they came to Wonder Wilderfarm practiced Yoga and after that we provided them nourshing brunch with most fresh produces harvested directly in that early morning from our farm.

With this photo posted on Facebook page. It got many people liked the photo and some were asking do we conduct Yoga regularly and if yes they would like to join.

Then, with people requsted Yoga at the farm that ignited our passion again to organize something meaningful to people who are in the journey of healthy and sustainable way of living.

Yup! That’s right! Let’s do this!
We should organize this special event to the people who are passionate in healthy way of living. After Yoga, you take a rest then we feed your mind and body with super nourshing breakfast with lots food ingredients provided locally and directly from our farm – the Mother Earth.

However, none of us are experienced in Yoga but we have friend who are expert in Yoga. We listed down who are they. And the first one that we asked is Yen Lim. Immediately, she is ON! How wonderful was that! We don’t need to go to the next name! (haha)

So, the difficulty solved! We have Yoga teacher, we have fresh produces, we have good cooks and farmers at the farm.

So, this week what are we going to feed you with taste from nature? We will prepare to you:

1. Wonder Wilderfarm Styled Salad
– The main ingredients are our farm organically grown vegetables and non-fully riped papaya which is full of papain enzymes that could help in proper protein digestion. The salad will finished with a generous touch of our special dressing and crunched mild roasted seeds.
2. Vegetarian Pie 
3. Smoothies
-Coconut milk with turmeric which is a traditional recipe of Javanese to tighten up bum.

About our Yoga teacher, Yen Lim:
Yen believes that everyone has the power to change his or her life. She has made it her life’s mission to share that possibility with the world. Yen is a powerful messenger of the power of the path of yoga. Based in Parit Buntar, Perak. Her training background including many forms of fitness including hatha Yoga, Iyengar yoga, meditation, running and triathlon. She has over 10 years of yoga practice and teaching experience. As a wife, mother of three children, ultra runner, triathele, meditator. Her life represents the full integration of everything that she loves.

How much the charging?
Energy Exchange: RM 50/pax
Seats limited to 15 pax only.
Minimum 10 pax registered to held the event with not more than 15 pax.
RSVP to Pei Chin at 017 725 1758
Registration confirmed upon payment.

**Bring your yoga mat and water bottles.

Wait… hmm… we need more people to join us! Will you? So far, we have 5 pax registered with us. Hope more are able to join us this coming Saturday. However, if this time you can’t, we plan to do this monthly because this is meaningful to us. Yoga + Breakfast @ urban organic farm, I think is in Penang ONLY!

See ya!
More pictures on last Yoga+Breakfast event:





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