Recipe: Mee Rebus

Since July, I started teaching a group of 12 years old Waldorf students cooking class. At first, I was quite reluctant to accept the offer because of transportation and also I felt I am not deeply understand about Waldorf education philosophy by Rudolf Steiner. I overcomed self barrier and took the challenge. It turns to be a good decision of taking the offer. Most essentially, I enjoyed the teaching process and so much fun to work with the students.

Below is the food I introduced to students. Mee Rebus. I found south and north Malaysia’s mee rebus are quite different. I prefer south Malaysia’s mee rebus with it’s nutty and creamy flavour broth because of peanuts. However, north Malaysia’s mee rebus is potato broth only. That is quite dissapointing. If you know where in Penang sell the best mee rebus you ever had, please leave me a comment.

The mee rebus I taught to students are far different with those selling by the street.

By the student, Lee Yang

Serving (5-6 people)

Sourdough cucur
Sourdough starter – 30g
Unbleached flour – 100g
self germinate taugeh – A handful
Sea salt – 1 tablespoon
1. You may also add long beans or cabbage which cut into small pieces.

1. Mixing all the ingredients well.
2. Add water if needed.
3. Heat up cooking oil.
4. Pour one scope of batter to hot oil.
5. Make sure the cucur formed in the hot oil is not too thick in order to get crispiness.
6. When cucur turns golden colour, take out from hot oil.
7. Set it aside.
8. Slicing it when is cold.

Sweet potato organic tauchu broth
sweet potato 500-600g
lemongrass 2-3 stalks
lengkuas – one medium sized
garlic – one medium sized
turmeric – one small sized
onion 2 medium sized
garlic 5-8 cloves

organic tauchu 4-5 tablespoon
**(If it is in coarsed form, you may use mortar and pestle to get fine tauchu)
roasted nut (You may choose any, in this recipe I use walnut, cashew nut and pumpkin seeds)
sea salt -taste to flavour

1. Clean the sweet potato, cut into small pieces for boiling.
Simmer until cooked, use hand blender to get smooth puree form.
2. Cut ingredients B into finer pieces
3. Heat a pot with cooking oil.
4. Flatten lemongrass before put into the hot pot.
5. Add in ingredients B.
6. Fry the spices until you smell their fragrance.
7. Pour in sweet potato puree and continue cooking.
8. Pour in water (200-300 ml)
(You should get the puree broth in the end of the cooking)
9. Add in organic tauchu
10. Boil for about 15-20 mins.
11. Add in crushed mixed nuts.
12. Sea salt depends individual preference.
13. Off the fire.

1. Cook a packet of noodle.
2. when is soft, take out from pot and ready for serving.
3. Pour in the broth.
4. Garnish the mee rebus with hard boiled egg, self germinate taugeh, fresh vegetable (I used Brazilian spinach), fried tempeh or tauhu (optional, if afraid of too much protein consumption).

Bon Appétit.


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