Who are we?
Farm2platemalaysia initially is a project started by two women: Jana and Pei. Both are passionate about good food which is healthy and safe sourced locally. Sometimes, they also link up with local chef, local food producers, ordinary people who is good in cooking to share the knowledge about food and cooking healthy and delicious dish with children and adults.

What do we do?
We do what we love! We organize children cooking class with with locally sourced and organically grown produce and promote farm2plate eating lunch experience at local urban organic farm – Wonder Wilderfarm. Our activities usually conduct at local organic farmers market and urban organic farm, linking participants to the wonders of the natural world. We also produce ethical skin and hair care products. We using safe ingredients to produce these eco-friendly products in Penang.

Join our community!
We really believe in community effort. Hence we aim to raise awareness about our broken food system which is heavily controlled by agribusinesses that unleash genetically modified organisms, violate rights of small scale producers, destroy nature and enslave us to consumerism. Nevertheless, we are convinced that collective actions and empowered communities can effect meaningful change in a powerful way. So please follow our blog to receive latest updates. Let’s begin this exciting journey together.

We hope to see you in our future events!

The Platers


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